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Thursday, 22 October 2009 14:46


The Region Photography, wow that is an awkward name.  It seems a little less awkward when used with the dot-com suffix, ie... www.theregionphotography.com yes that does sound a little better.  Why did I choose that name for this project and what is this project?  I recently began working on moving into the realm of professional digital photography and in so doing I decided that I needed a website.  I know enough about the business world to know that just a website would not be enough, people forget about the people they are serving and the passion that caused them to start that business and they suffer what is affectionately known as a disconnect.  So, some soul searching was in order.  I needed to determine what truly is my passion, how can I benefit like minded people in my community?


The first thing that came to me was wildlife photography, I first became engaged in wildlife photography while studying as an intern at Wolf Park in Battleground In.  I am also passionate about technology, I currently work as the Director of IT at Livemercial in Valparaiso In.  What about technology am I most passionate about?  Storage and Imaging, not surprisingly these two areas tie nicely with digital photography.  Finally, why do I choose to do business here?  I love The Region, I was born and raised here. When I traveled (part) of the world in the Army, the image of the Chicago Skyline in movies would instantly start a longing for home in me.


So, what kind of name is The Region Photography?  It is the right kind of name for my website, and I hope that it is at least an easy name to fit in your bookmarks.


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